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Artist: Françoise TANRET

Françoise TANRET is a modern figurative painter and is looking for aesthetics, color and material are the main elements of all inspirations.
It works primarily to the knives for the physical connection with the material, combining colors and contrasts.
In his compositions, it retains only the essentials.
She painted what she may feel or experience. She wishes that visitors feel to his paintings. His eyes are the reporters of our environment, our brain transforms, hands shape without primary reason, it is necessary and vital.
His artistic approach is simple, since always, she wanted to speak with the colors, this allows him to create his own universe. The path in the painting is a refuge, a reason to hope; a way to communicate. Each table is a moment crystallized life, a phrase petrified in color, a forever living emotion.

Françoise TANRET attended for four years the École national des Beaux Arts de Nancy, an associate of Lorraine artists since 1987. Treasurer of the association des Lorrains artists.
Exhibitions: every year since 1982
Exhibition of women painters and sculptors from the East
Salon des Lorrains artists
André MALRAUX, Vandoeuvre lounge
Salon Castle Stanislas, Lunéville.
KAYSERSBERG, RAON L'ETAPE... but LOS ANGELES, OKLAHOMA CITY and LAGUNA BEACH are the places where Françoise TANRET explained.


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